Top 10 Features Every Minivan Should Have

Top 10 Features Every Minivan Should Have

When it comes to owning a Mercedes Sprinter, everyone wants one! They are such a simple yet effective minivan to have because it’s so versatile and not that expensive. However, does your minivan come with all the important features? Here are just ten of the top features every minivan should have.

The Mirror

Having that conversation mirror is crucial for most minivans. The reason why is simply because drivers should have the ability to look into their mirror overhead and see every seating position within the car. This is crucial to ensure everyone is safe and you can know for sure what the kids are getting up to also. A Mercedes Sprinter van can be a lot safer when you have the conversational mirror there.

Top 10 Features Every Minivan Should Have

Look For Adjustable Pedals

One of the key features to keep a close eye on has to be the adjustable pedals. Now, as most will know everyone is made different and when you are driving you really want to be comfortable in every which way possible. You can check out our top article here. The only way to ensure comfort behind the wheel is when you have adjustable pedals; this is crucial because you don’t want to be struggling to reach the accelerator or break in your Sprinter van.

Tire Warning System

Most people understand it can be very dangerous to have a tire which is improperly inflated but most don’t think about checking their tire pressure before they drive. However, if the tires or the pressure of the tires is wrong then it may very well cause severe problems for most people and it can cause serious accidents. Instead of leaving this to chance, you should look for a Mercedes Sprinter or another minivan that carries a tire-pressure warning system; it may just allow you to avoid an accident.


Having sun window sunshades can be very important when it comes to driving a Mercedes Sprinter. You get to protect the passengers in the van, including yourself, from the sun and keep everyone happy. It can be very distracting and annoying to have the sun streaming into your eyes, even when you aren’t driving. When you are buying a Sprinter van or any other type of minivan, ensure there are good sunshades to protect the passengers.

Foldable Third Row Seats

Most minivans have the ability to remove the third row car seats but that can be a bit fuss and a lot of trouble too. However, one of the most important features you should keep an eye out for is the foldable third row seats. Now, these seats are great when it comes to owning your own Sprinter van. Also visit this link for more information. You can fold the seats down when they are not needed and offer more space and unfold them when they are needed again.

Moveable Second Seats

The second row seating can provide you with the option to carry around the kids without having to worry but what about when you are transporting items and you can’t fit them in? It’s a nightmare and even with you remove the third row seating, you still might not have enough room. However, having moveable second row seating can provide you with valuable space. Owning a Sprinter van with this feature is great because it allows you more freedom should you need to move heavier loads.

The Storage Cubby

Having an extra area for storage is vital especially when you have a large family. There is always going to be something the family needs when they are on a long drive and having an additional storage cubby like an in-floor storage space allows is perfect. This allows you to store important items you may need or just help keep extra toys should the kids get bored. When you are looking for a Mercedes Sprinter or any kind of minivan, you should look for that additional storage.


Having a traction control system is very important because it will allow you to be able to avoid some difficult road conditions. Should you be driving and you find the tires about to lose traction, the traction control system will kick in and reduce engine speed and start applying the brakes too. This will allow you to take control and ensure the car doesn’t roll. Having a traction system within a Sprinter van can be important.

Side Airbags for the Entire Car

In most cases, vehicles have airbags for the driver and front seat passenger but very few come with backseat airbags. However, in many cases, airbags may just save a life and you should look for a Sprinter van that comes to side airbags and cushions for those in the front seat, second row and the third. This will hopefully help to reduce any injuries should there be an accident.

The Reserving Sensor

It can be very difficult to reverse out of your parking space at the best of times and when you have a big van, it’s extremely hard. You can find simple everyday items cloud or block your view of the back of the van and it can cause accidents. However, when you find a Mercedes Sprinter with a reversing sensor system or a rear-view camera it can avoid these accidents.

Find Your Perfect Mercedes Sprinter

When it comes to buying a new minivan it can be difficult. You not only want to find a suitable van for the family but also one that is practical in every which way. However when you know a few of the top features to look for, you can hopefully find the right minivan for your home whether it’s a Sprinter van or another type of minivan.

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